Path of Exile - Build Advice and Tips

  • We have decided to put together all the valuable information for new PoE Players. Top Tips & Tricks are included in our Beginner's Guide

    As your first character in a brand new league/realm, you will have nothing at your dispoal, nothing in your stash, to help you build those powerful builds you had in closed beta. Gone, nada, zero. As such, your builds should keep in mind several things:

    1. Be as Gear Independent as possible

    Do not rely on skill gems (e.g. Elemental Hit) or support gems (Greater Multiple Projectiles [GMP], Chain) that can only be found by looting or trading with others.

    Do not rely 5Link/6Link (5L/6L) equipment to make your build survivable. Work with 3Ls and 4Ls with the hopes of eventually getting a 5L/6L. Your main skills must be able to work with 3Ls at the very least.

    Do not rely on trading with people for things you need; this is a brand new economy and everything will be hyperinflated. If you need specific support/skillgems, consider rolling another toon that will receive that skill/support gem.

    Do not rely on obtaining uber weapons/armor. Chances are, you might be using magic (blue) items even in the last difficulty mode.

    Defense over Offense

    Try to maintain a greater ratio of defense to offense. You want your first build to marginally succeed, even if it runs across trouble in the endgame map content. Do not spec all into offense or throw a passive point or two into defense. This will get you killed fast, and rumor has it that Act 3 is pretty tough. Likewise, do not spec all into defense as it will you get you nowhere either!

    The three defense aspects you have to consider are: 1) life, 2) defense type, 3) resistances

    Generally speaking, having 1.5k life, 40% armor or 60% evasion, and 30+ resistances will be enough for Merciless difficulty, but these are the bare minimum figures and should strive for more beyond that.

    Build smartly

    Don’t just make a build all willy-nilly with the online passive skill tree and post it for feedback, have a plan! What do you want to accomplish with this character with the available skill/support gems?

    What skills will you be using? What skills will you be focusing on as your main mode of attack? Think about the synergy of skills with support gems and support/utility skills.

    What type of damage are you dealing? Physical, Elemental, single element, crit, or a mix?

    What defense type will you go for? Armor through Iron Reflexes, or evasion + Acrobatics/PhaseAcrobatics + Arrow Dodging?

    How will you fuel your attacks? Mana (e.g. Mana Flows) or Blood Magic (BM + lots of life + HP regen)?

    Plan a build using 70 points, then a build with 85 points. This will help you to envision the type of build you are aiming for, and what nodes, notables, and keystones you will take first over others. An 85-point build will give a more solid picture of a build that can tackle endgame content.

    Watch your Flask selection

    Certain flasks (resists, diamond, granite) are drop only, and cannot be purchased from the NPC vendor.

    Diamond flasks have been removed from the game temporarily. When it will come back is unknown. Regardless, try to plan your build without the need for more than 1 diamond flask or any at all.

    Granite flasks have been nerfed. The current nerf makes it so it grants +4000 additional armor instead of 10000. Again, this is bound to change, but keep this tidbit of info in mind when thinking about relying on a flask.

    Quicksilver flasks will replace the overrused Phase Run. Think about whether or not you want this flask to use up one of your slots on your flask belt. As such, you may want to spend a passive point on movement speed such as the Armor Mastery notable or the Celerity notable. And be on the lookout for boots with movement speed mods. Phase Run may or may not come back; we shall see.

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