Easy Ways of Making Currency in Path of Exile

  • This applies to relatively new players or players who want to know how to buy the necessary items for a particular build. Experienced/already rich players may not get anything new out of it. The reason I’m writing this article is that many other currency making guides seem to either (a) too focused on people who already had big currency stashes to do stuff like advanced crafting or (b) want to focus mainly on making PoE Currency by flipping items, etc., rather than playing games.

    Ways of Making Currency

    Through mapping

    You will need to make a single map over and over again. The map name is Burial Chambers. Why you have to farm this particular map? Because there is a chance to drop an item called The Doctor card. The card is needed for making the Headhunter belt. Such card costs around 20 exalted orbs. It is not the most efficient method of currency farming, but a very good one. Additionally, you gain good experience on this map, so you combine business with pleasure. This method gives you more chance of getting orbs.

    Magic Finding

    Magic finding is not that great anymore. Since the changes of the Atlas in 3.9, it’s better to run the highest tier possible, and you’ll want to just kill map bosses because of the buffs to bosses. Magic finding items are really low tier items, so if you want to make a magic finder that can run tier 16 maps, even fully juiced maps to get the most out of it, you need a lot of currency to build character. I am not saying magic finding is not profitable, it is still a good way to do lower tier maps, but I think a very decent character is not based on magic find.


    It is probably the easiest way to make currency if you have the experience. You are going to play the poe trade and wait for people to sell items much lower than its real price. For example, hunter tailwind boots are worth two exalted orb, but if somebody who doesn’t know its real value sells them for 10 chaos, then you can snipe and sell boots for the actual price and make a profit. If you are interested in flipping, you need to have the knowledge of items, to know the game and what stats are good, and do a lot of searches, then play the poe trade, snipe items, and sell them for the actual price.


    The penultimate method is to make magic find build which will highly increase the income when mapping, farming higher tier instances and currency items. It is slightly hard to make perfect magic find build, because such builds often lack any survivability or damage, but if you manage to do this, you will be a very rich person. I highly recommend making magic find Cyclone build. It is amazing for mapping because it clears maps very fast because of its mechanics. Also if you use proper gems, your single target damage will smash bosses and elite opponents. Below I will show you which items are the best for magic find build.

    Sadima’s Touch - these gloves increase your elemental damage and quantity of items found. Perfect for this build.

    Perandus Blazon - good survivability booster, all attributes and an additional quantity of items found will be ideal for this build

    Goldwyrm - expensive boots but they give you up to 20% to the quantity of items found. It is a lot compared to other items. The mandatory item for this build.

    Thief’s Torment - Perfect ring which increases the quantity of items found by 10%. It makes you wear only one ring, but the rest of the attributes compensate it.

    Greed’s Embrace - the best body armor for magic find build. It not only increases the quantity of items found but also their rarity. What is more, to keep farming fast, your movement speed will be increased.

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