World of Warcraft: How will the saddle of the Aqir drone be obt

  • World of Warcraft players can still own the Shadowbarb Drone mount in Uldum, even if Battle for Azeroth is coming to an end.

    After the end of Battle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft players are looking forward to the upcoming Shadowlands later this year. With the upcoming patch event, most players will find in the game that any equipment acquired now will soon be replaced by other more powerful items. Even so, adventurers can still strive for permanent rewards such as obtaining new mounts at the same time.

    Since Patch 8.3 brought N'Zoth's invasions to Azeroth, players have fought and killed thousands of Aqir insects in Uldum. Among the many types include airborne ones that harass even heroes flying through the sky. Players can find several variants of rare drops from this flying Aqir model, and they can also buy these with Horrific Vision currency. Of course, players can also raise their own mount over several weeks.

    Players first need to find a Voidtouched Egg in Western Uldum, which can be found during any invasion. To return to Ramakhen, you need to interact with the egg and talk to NPC H'partho Ardoros. Then, the player will immediately get another task, which is inspect 7 more Voidtouched Eggs in Uldum and completing that will open up dailies starting the next day.

    The egg has an EXP bar with a cap of 5000 above its head that signals how close it is to reaching the next stage. Completing daily quests provided by H'partho Ardoros award a certain amount of EXP.

        Void Incubation: Collect 10 Crystallized Void which can be found in Uldum or Pandaria's Vale of Eternal Blossoms during a Black Empire Assault. Awards 900 EXP.
        Encased in Amber: Obtain an Amber Incubator found in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Mantid areas. Awards 900 EXP.
        Warmth of the Sun: Collect an Amathet Solar Collector in Uldum which is located underground in the Obelisk of Stars. Awards 900 EXP.
        Wrapping Up: Collect 30 Aqir Webbings from Aqir caster mobs in Uldum. Awards 900 EXP.
        Continued Incubation: Collect 10 Crystallized Void in a zone under direct attack by N'Zoth. Awards 300 EXP.

    Players will get an Aqir Egg Cluster toy on the second day after the EXP column is fully filled.

    According to the instructions of H'Parthos, the player talks to the blacksmith Abasi in Ramakhen because the Aqir drone needs a saddle. However, Abasi said that as a condition, players first need 12'Black Empire Arnaments' from N'Zoth's cultists in Uldum or the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Abasi will tell them to come back tomorrow to get their saddles after exchanging items with the World of Warcraft Classic Gold players. Then Abasi will start the last task the next day, he will bring the'Otherworldly Saddle' to H'Parthos. After completing these, players are finally awarded with their Shadowbarb Drone.

    Although this mission line has not disappeared yet, I think getting the mount now is the best option, because the imminent Scourge invasion and Shadowlands content will occupy most players' time in the coming months. After completing these, this Aqir friend will loyally carry heroes anywhere through Azeroth and even into the afterlife.

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