Beat World of Warcraft Classic's latest raid became a competiti

  • In the past week, the classic hardcore guild of "World of Warcraft" has been vying to be the first to open the door of Ahn'Qiraj and release the worm-like tribe lurking in it. Behind those ancient gates is the latest 40-man raid in World of Warcraft, where top players can challenge nightmare bosses like C'thun and obtain more powerful equipment. However, when the guild raced to open the gates and start the next stage of the "World of Warcraft" doomsday game, a guild abused the in-game reporting tool to try to ban a player, thus adopting dirty tactics. In revenge, hundreds of players united to wage war against the guild, denying their chance of winning one of Warcraft's most prestigious awards.

    In the past week, World of Warcraft Classic's hardcore guilds wanted to be the WOW Classic Gold For Sale first to open the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj and unleash the insectoid horde that lurks within. Top-tier players can complete WoW Classic's latest 40-person raid behind those ancient gates, and can challenge nightmare bosses like C'thun to obtain more powerful equipment. Just when every guild was racing to open the Gates in order to start the next stage of WoW Classic's endgame, one guild used dirty tactics to try to ban a player by abusing in-game reporting tools. This incident united hundreds of players for revenge and launched a war against the guild. And denying them a shot at earning one of Warcraft's most prestigious prizes.

    The fainthearted is not suitable for opening the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. The Qiraji was imprisoned in their kingdom after trying to destroy the continent of Kalimdor more than a thousand years ago, but it took them a long time to build their power with the help of their god C'thun. The entire server community needs to work together to open the gates, which is one of WoW's most ambitious world events ever. At the same time, hardcore guilds raced to complete a daunting series of quests to rebuild the mystical Scepter of the Shifting Sands to ring an ancient gong that would break the seals on the Gates and unleash the Qiraji armies on Azeroth.

    The War Effort is the WOW Classic Gold first part of time. This requires the Horde and the Alliance to work together, in order to prepare for the conflict with the Qiraji, then the player has to gather an enormous number of crafting resources. Alliance players need to craft 800,000 linen bandages while Horde players have to amass 250,000 of the rarer mageweave bandages—and that's just the start. With cooking ingredients, herbs, leathers, and ore, players are looking at around 3,850,000 individual items that have to be turned into quest givers.

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