Corrupted Blood Incident of World of Warcraft

  • As we all know, World of Warcraft is one of the most influential games in history, so here are some of the key events that took place at the MMO's height.

    This MMORPG was released by Blizzard in 2004. Since then, the game has been receiving attention from gamers and observers. So World of Warcraft has always been one of the Cheap WOW Classic Gold biggest gaming phenomena in history.

    During this time, many events happened, which fundamentally changed the game. The biggest moments in World of Warcraft history both inside and outside of the game include events planned by Blizzard itself and the strange, unexpected consequences felt on and offline.

    One of the strangest events in the history of "World of Warcraft" is the Corrupted Blood Incident, which has been used by epidemiologists to study human behavior during the outbreak since then. On September 12, 2005, just one month before the first BlizzCon, the Zul'Gurub raid was opened up in Stranglethorn Vale. “ZG,” as it would quickly come to be known, had a final boss who would drain players' life to heal himself using a debuff.

    And any other players nearby will be spread by this negative effect of "the Corrupted Blood Incident", periodically inflicting some of the highest damage in the game out the time. Although their original plan was to control the disease in Zul' Gurub, but unfortunately hunters whose pets had caught the disease and then were dismissed and resummoned outside of the raid were able to Buy WOW Classic Gold and spread the disease to others.

    Soon, low-level players all over Azeroth were killed by Corrupted Blood immediately. High-density cities like Orgrimmar, Ironforge, and Stormwind quickly became overwhelmed, and players fled to the countryside to avoid those who might be carrying the disease. But some people deliberately spread debuffs, which caused the initial attention of researchers and the redistribution of population to less dense areas. The plague’s flawed design would be the influence for the zombie plague event used in WoW to launch Wrath of the Lich King in 2008.

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