Insharefurniture Guide- Clean and Repaire Rattan Lounge Set

  • How to Care for Rattan Furniture. Rattan is as beautiful as it is durable, so most Outdoor Lounge Set needs only basic cleaning and care to preserve its natural strength and color. Follow these steps to keep your rattan furniture looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.


    Clean the furniture regularly

    Outdoor furniture is exposed to dirt, dust, and the wind, all of which can cause grime buildup that slowly degrades the integrity of the materials. To prevent this from happening, clean your furniture regularly.

    Some materials, like plastic, can just be wiped down and hosed off, while higher-quality materials, such as wicker and rattan, will need to be scrubbed carefully with a fine-bristle brush to remove buildup.

    While outdoor furniture maintenance may seem like a pain, it’s the best way to keep your furniture investments clean and beautiful for years to come.

    If you rinse your furniture, dry it well

    Even materials like wicker and rattan can be hosed down, but it’s critical to dry them well. A weekly blast with the hose can prevent dirt buildup in crevices, but leaving your furniture damp is just asking for a mold or mildew infestation.

    With this in mind, reserve spraying your outdoor furniture down for sunny, warm days, when you can place the items out to dry immediately afterward.

    How to Repair Rattan Garden Furniture

    Good quality rattan dining sets should rarely break but should some of the fibres snap or break, there are things you can do to mould them back together.

    Always repair furniture outside so you have appropriate ventilation.

    Clean the furniture first to make sure all debris is removed. The normal cleaning method is fine.

    Highlight any breakages and apply some epoxy resin to the loose fibres. Normal glue should be fine to use also.

    Weave the strands back in place or arrange them where possible so they blend in with the furniture.

    You may have to coat the fixed area with paint or varnish to ensure it matches the rest of the furniture.

    After fixing any broken fibres, check the wrappings on the legs of the furniture. The wrappings hold the rattan weave in place so if these become loose, the furniture can unwind and look untidy. If the wrappings are loose, you can glue them in place to prevent further issues. Please note that good quality rattan furniture shouldn’t have many issues

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