The levels in World of Warcraft will change dramatically again

  • World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be released on October 27th, and players finally know the good news.

    As in most other cases, there will be no sequels for massively multiplayer games like World of Warcraft. Because I tried it once, but it turned out that it was not a good idea. EverQuest 2 is the follow-up to this highly influential game in 2004, but it ultimately divides the audience's performance just before the game is released. After all, most players put too much energy into the characters they already have, the system that can be felt in bone and muscle memory, and they can't start again. It has never recovered from this blow, although OG EverQuest has persisted to this day, so it failed.

    Therefore, MMO developers only need to continue to release extensions, each time the Cheap WOW Classic Gold upper limit of the level will be raised, and layered on a large amount of content, just like an increasingly unstable and indigestible piece of cake. If you only use the existing highest-level characters in new content each time, then the problem is not big, but for new players or continuous novices like you, the road to the top and the latest things increases with the age of the game Growth, it looks increasingly daunting. this is a problem.

    The developers of World of Warcraft have reached their 16th year. They have been working hard since at least 2010 and are about to release their eighth extension, Shadowlands. I feel that this is the most thorough transplant that the game has ever seen. For example, The Cataclysm extension almost rewrote all the levels content of the original game, and completely changed the search mechanism, improved the narrative method, and made the discussion smooth. This kind of innovation is a difficult task, but it is essential to the continued good health of the game.

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