World of Warcraft's Tournament of Ages once again broke attenda

  • Tournament of Ages, a game event organized by players that is popular in the massively multiplayer RPG World of Warcraft this year, once again broke the record for attendance and fundraising.

    The event is held in August every year. Surprisingly, it attracted nearly 4,000 game participants this year, and it is a charity organization including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, The USO, Direct Relief, Red Nose Day USA and Wildlife Warriors. Raised an income of approximately US$18,600. However, this figure does not include the sales of charitable goods, which are managed by the commodity suppliers of the organization group. This year’s charity was the Wildlife Warriors, who earned more than $10,000.
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    Every year the Cheap WOW Classic Gold event will include various PvP and PvE competitions, entertainment shows, art auctions and other functions. This event has a volunteer game player organization every year. As time is getting longer, more and more people are paid attention to, so every year the number of Tournament of Ages is growing, the game attracts more people, and more and more donations. You know, only three years ago, it raised about $1,000 in donations.

    Tournament of Ages is one of the WOW Classic Gold biggest game events in World of Warcraft that took place on the Argent Tournament Grounds in the zone of Icecrown. The event was run on the Moon Guard role-playing server that started, so "anchor" volunteers will help thousands of visitors from other servers transport their roles to Moon Guard to participate.

    A large part of the event's fundraising comes from art auctions. The completed works of art auctions and the commission slots of Warcraft artists hope to make a difference. Grayson Fant, one of the coordinating team in New York, said that donations to charities this year have almost doubled compared with the same period last year, totaling nearly $5,000.

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