Some rumors about the Naxxramas raid and the legendary Burning

  • Rumors about the possible start date of Phase 6 have begun to appear, namely the Naxxramas raid and the legendary Burning Crusade expansion in Classic WoW, so we may see this "new" content earlier than we thought.

    Players will be brought back to the "good times" of "World of Warcraft" by Classic, so the situation is to republish all the original content on the main server to a separate server from the WOW Classic Gold For Sale main game. Players who are mainly used for republishing now call it "retail".

    We've already battled our way through the Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and most guilds are now making their way through the recently released Ahn'Qiraj following the Ten Hour War. However, just a few weeks after AQ was released, rumors started Surfaced, they claim that players can see the expansion of Naxxramas and The Burning Crusade earlier than expected.

    According to Twitch streamer Nano, the latest rumors about "World of Warcraft" stated that the original plan was that Naxxramas raid will be released in early December 2020. This is different from the level 80 version that came to retail in Wrath of the Lich King and was known to be notoriously hard on its release back in June of 2006.

    Most importantly, it is said that the beta of Burning Crusade expansion, a fan favorite of the classic version, will arrive in the spring of 2021, which is about sometime in March or April. However, it is important to note that, so far, Blizzard has not officially confirmed the release date of these rumors, so they cannot be convinced because they may not be 100% accurate.

    In fact, most people are still skeptical of these rumors. No matter what happens, we all know that Naxx and TBC will eventually enter Classic. Even with these rumors of release dates, we still have many questions about how they work. Like, Blizzard will launch a new TBC server or release an extension on Classic’s existing server.

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