Players can now pre-download the World of Warcraft Shadowlands

  • The official release of World of Warcraft Shadowlands is more than a month away, but the expanded pre-patches should be available for download now. The content before expansion will introduce players to level compression, new character customization options, and some new storylines, which will help players prepare for the upcoming conflict in Shadowlands.

    Although under normal circumstances pre-expansion patches usually arrive four weeks after the release date of the extension, Blizzard has yet to confirm the WOW Classic Gold For Sale exact release time of the first or second patch. In other words, when checking the Blizzard game launcher this week, players may notice a major update running in the background, which indicates that the pre-patch for World of Warcraft is coming.

    From earlier this week, many players can notice that some new "World of Warcraft" content is being downloaded in the background, in preparation for the upcoming update. Most players can see that this update is about 20GB, but for players who have already downloaded Shadowlands content from the beta version participating in the public beta, the size of the update will be much smaller.

    This download is an exciting step forward, and hopefully it means that players will experience level upgrades and all other pre-patch updates in just one or two weeks. Many players predict that the first pre-patch will arrive on September 22 or September 29, so because some data is being transferred in the background, these predictions look more and more realistic.

    Remember, just because the data is downloaded in the background does not mean that the content before the patch is still available. Players will be able to enter Covenant’s Sanctum, where we can accept unique tasks, launch a huge covenant battle, and call on allies to perform important tasks. We will also gain unique abilities based on covenants and class, gain unique mounts and visual appearance, and bond with powerful souls, using their essence to further customize your skills.

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