Why does Garrosh return in the Revendreth short film of World o

  • The story background of Shadowlands seems to surpass everything that happened in World of Warcraft before. This fact has some interesting hints to the WOW Classic Gold For Sale legend of World of Warcraft. Blizzard needs to be cautious when balancing its many story promises.

    The plot in the animation makes players have various guesses. Gul’dan’s skull is a feature in the main World of Warcraft schedule, and Illidan Stormrage is known by its name. Did the soul of this version of Gul’dan pass through the Shadowlands, then return via Draenor’s time travel and be killed by Illidan in Legion, and the soul of the alternative version of Gul’dan passed again? In addition to this, will creating a new timeline potentially increase the number of animations available, and does Garrosh’s existence in multiple timelines have something to do with his use as an anima battery?

    In fact, the return of Garrosh will also make the next expansion especially emotionally painful for Thall, because his mother Draka is studying abroad in Maldraxxus, and his failed students return in Revendreth. The fact that Garrosh was sent to Revendreth in the game seems to have a decisive significance for his morality. This is repeated in the task of the game itself, but for many players, it is difficult to imagine that this process has made Garrosh humble. This may be why he is so important to Venthyr.

    The Revendreth short film also hinted at Denathrius' own corruption. Obviously, he saved more lives for himself than his own people, even for those who tried to maintain enough life for himself to be put to death. The original purpose of Revendreth was to extract animations from proud souls, and then redeem them. This process is as noble as what happened in the fortress, but souls like Garrosh may be too valuable as an animation resource to be actually redeemed correctly. , That’s why he was bound and tortured instead of carrying a sin stone.

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