Several good-looking sets of mage professional set in World of

  • Are players tired of the current mage robe products in World of Warcraft? Maybe it's time to use the transmog system. Over the years, players have drawn countless armors in the game. From the old career model to the recent expansion plan, there are many. With so many colors and styles, transmog provides players with highly in-depth customization services. This also makes the mage profession more novel.

    In fact, in the game, for the wizard, you can use the transformation equipment under any circumstances. Regardless of the spells used, some are tailored to specific specifications, while others are amazing. When creating a new look and personality for the wizard, players may want to Buy WOW Classic Gold take a moment to consider some of the best combinations of the past.

    Although the aesthetics are simple and easy to obtain, the difference is that all variants of Mageweave Regalia stand out among other classic and low-level designs. Regalia is not only original black, purple and red. Especially the red recolor is a great choice for the fire mage for players of this profession.

    For the red suit, you can make it by hand or buy the main Cindercloth Vest and Cindercloth Pants. Then, get Ashwalker's Footwraps, High Magus gloves and Earthmender's Bracer of Shattering. Players can combine this suit with Whitemane's Chapeau, Embersilk Mantle and Glowing Brightwood Staff, which can be made into an advanced Inquisitor Whitemane suit. The result will be the envy of any mage or priest. Create Mageweave Regalia through customization or buy from auction houses.

    The stunning undressed Kirin Tor suit from the Ulduar raid has a mysterious and intimidating look. You will see the helmet with a glowing arcane eye hovering in front of your eyes. Another luminous light beams from the dome of the shoulder, as if it contains powerful energy.

    The Kirin Tor Garb comes in Valorous and Conqueror's editions. The Valorous set has a red tone, while the Conqueror's has a purple tone. If players want to get the Conqueror version, they need to get all the suits from the Ulduar 25 people's difficulties through Wayward Vanquisher tokens.

    The Battle for Azeroth expansion brings a whole new frontier. Despite their problems, the suits they provide are great. The cloth version of the Darkshore suit for the Horde and Alliance is a unique look for both factions. Of course, players will encounter more or less powerless things during the game in World of Warcraft, such as when fighting with players or bosses. In this case, having a good gear can make you stronger and therefore more handy. On you will find the Cheap WOW Classic Gold you want, where you can get a fair price while enjoying thoughtful service. In this way, you can use very little money to get the gear you want, and the game experience will rise to a higher level.