World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.0.1 patch, what you need to kno

  • Players can already download Shadowlands pre-patch 9.0.1 through Blizzard's background downloader, which indicates that the patch will be released soon. The pre-expansion patch program will enable players to experience some of the content that will enter Shadowlands next month, including reaching level 50, new player entry experience, new mentor program and so on.

    Blizzard now provides a preview of the WOW Classic Gold content that comes with the pre-expanded 9.0.1 patch, which players can see on the official World of Warcraft blog. Blizzard’s official post also includes an item, level, and status dialogue table. With the pre-expansion patch, levels, items, and statistics will be adjusted to make reaching new levels more meaningful, while making the leveling experience faster than before.

    Exile's Reach is a brand-new introductory experience that will take you to a remote island and introduce you to the basics of playing World of Warcraft and the selected class. Players enter the game in two situations. If you are a newbie to World of Warcraft and have never created or upgraded a character, then you will automatically start your journey into Azeroth with the experience you started. If you are an experienced player or have practiced characters before, you can choose not to participate in the starting experience, but start from level 1 of the starting area of ​​the game.

    After reaching level 10, the new player will continue to cross the Battle for Azeroth and enter the Shadowlands. After you create a new character and enter World of Warcraft for the first time, you will be automatically added to the Newcomer Chat channel, where you can talk to other new players and ask for advice from experienced players in the same faction. Your guide will guide you as you upgrade in the new starting area of ​​Exile's Reach. New players and guides will be able to recognize each other in the chat channel and on the icon above the head of the character that only they can see. After reaching level 20, new players will continue their path forward and will no longer have the right to chat with new players.

    One of the other main purposes for Shadowlands to arrive in time for World of Warcraft is level compression. As previously understood, it will reduce the game’s level cap from 120 to 60, and when the expansion is officially released, all current highest level players Will drop to level 50. The patch before expansion will adjust levels, items and help determine which level you will become once you hit the patch. You can see a conversion table in the patch notes. For example, if your character’s current level is 108, you will be compressed to level 44, but if you are now between 60 and 63, you will eventually reach 25.

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