Find the treasure of Maldraxxus in World of Warcraft Shadowland

  • In the eighth new expansion of World of Warcraft, named Shadowlands, it can be seen from the previous news that players are looking forward to it. There players will have the opportunity to Buy WOW Classic Gold explore the realm of the dead, discover new dungeons, join Covenants, and save the souls of allies who were brought to The Maw. While exploring Shadowlands, players can find new collectibles and treasures. When players collect these things, they will get Anima, so you can complete achievements and complete certain covenant-calling tasks in the game.

    In the WOW Classic Gold current situation, there are many new Maldraxxus treasures that need to be restored, although once new expansions arrive, more are likely to be added. Maldraxxus in Shadowlands is one of five new areas for players to explore, which is considered the birthplace of necromantic spells. There are seven different areas in Maldraxxus, and players can find at least one treasure in each of these areas: House of Constructs, Hose of Eyes, House of Rituals, Theater of Pain, House of the Chosen, Seat of the Primus, and House of the Plagues. In fact, in addition to those that players can get, here are all the treasures available so far in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

    After the player finds them, the 14 treasures of Maldraxxus will usually drop a few times. Some tasks are not so easy to complete, and players are required to have certain gains or complete certain tasks first, such as killing NPCs to obtain keys or completing tasks before visiting one of the treasures. Let me briefly talk about it.

    Forgotten Mementos

    Players will find the forgotten souvenir treasure at the 22.5 and 30.5 coordinates at the westernmost end of the building. To achieve this, the player needs to enter the ether library, find the library Portcullis, and then find the chain zipper in the next room to open it.

    Halis’ Lunch Pail

    Players can find the Halis lunch bucket treasure with coordinates 30.7 and 28.7 in the center of the ring of the building house.

    Kyrian Keepsake

    Kyrian memorial is located at the northernmost end of the building, coordinates 32.7 and 21.1. To access it, players need to interact with Kyrian's corpse near the waterfall.

    Necro Tome

    The treasure of The Necro Tome is located in the circular structure of the House of Eyes, near the house of buildings. The coordinates of the treasure are 42.3, 24.3. To access this treasure, players need to complete the quest line that starts between the lines. They can pick up the task from the NPC on the south side of the building. You can find a place to rest assured at all positions on the top of the tower. Players will be able to use Necronom-i-nom from this treasure, which gives them random effects.

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