WoW Shadowlands latest release date and all latest updates

  • The release date of WoW Shadowlands has been set for 2020, but what makes people feel uncomfortable is that we don't know when the official version is scheduled to be released. However, online players have begun various speculations. It seems that the fastest launch time we can expect is mid-to-late November. Fans believe that the new WoW Shadowlands release date is set for November 24. The result of this speculation is mainly based on the idea of pre-patch running for six weeks.

    In reality, Blizzard chose this date for many good reasons, especially when you consider that some people will have more time before and after the holidays, then everything will make sense. However, since the current global situation affects production in almost all industries, past patch releases may not be the best way to measure the future.

    Blizzard will have to weigh its plans by releasing a new raid. This is the Cheap WOW Classic Gold only guarantee at the moment that WoW Shadowlands will be ready by the end of 2020. But I feel that this makes most of the expectant players a little disappointed, because it means they will wait for a while again.

    Until the development team has more discussions on this topic, the expansion of World of Warcraft will remain in the development stage. Another update about Shadowlands this week is that players can now refund their pre-orders.

    A message sent by Blizzard this week to gamers, during this extra time, they will focus on further improving the Vanilla WOW Gold overall experience, fine-tuning and balancing all aspects of the final game, so as to help ensure that what is waiting for you to enter Shadowlands The journey meets their high standards and expectations.

    Blizzard also provided more information about changes to key features, such as the new Condiuts that will be introduced to game fans this week:

    Once the player has fully unlocked all three soul bindings, the existing weekly cooldown may provide enough flexibility, but we agree that the initial limit is too limited. Resetting only once a week cannot distinguish between those who only want to adjust a single channel and those who want to clear and rebuild the entire soul-bound tree.

    While waiting for the new expansion, players will be disappointed, but only temporarily. Continue in the World of Warcraft classic. Of course, players will encounter more or less powerless things in the classic game of World of Warcraft, such as when fighting with players or bosses. In this case, having a good gear can make you stronger and therefore more handy. On MMOWTS, you will find the Cheap WOW Classic Gold you want, where you can get a fair price while enjoying thoughtful service. In this way, you can use very little money to get the gear you want, and the game experience will rise to a higher level.