Blizzard postpones the release of the new expansion World Of Wa

  • The previous news stated that World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands has postponed its October release time, and it seems that we will enter the undead world later. Blizzard also explained this because as developers continue to deal with the weird problems of remote work, the next expansion of its behemoth MMO will be delayed, but it will also make the underground world more perfect. So I also feel that the WOW Classic Gold players' waiting is worth it.

    Executive producer John Hight also explained on Twitter earlier that although most of the expansion work is ready, the Cheap WOW Classic Gold team needs more time to optimize, balance and "iterate certain interlocking parts."

    But it always feels like our old rival Covid-19 played a role in this delay. Although last-minute adjustments are not particularly common and not a wise move, Hight pointed out that the development team will work from home and "put a lot of effort" in the process.

    Even so, there is no specific revision date for the next expansion of World of Warcraft, which makes players very surprised. Shadowlands was originally scheduled to launch on October 27, less than a month away. The statement said that the team is of course still determining the new date, but thinks it is better to announce the postponement, in case too many people spend time off work to new expansion work.

    In the meantime, we have at least one date regarding the Shadowlands patch. The update will go live on October 13th, introducing a completely overhauled level system in the game, a new Exile’s Reach starting area, and some new character customization options designed to repair some serious lack of skin and hair.

    Although I am so tired of World of Warcraft that I can't consider installing Shadowlands, I heard that it should be a good idea. According to our Azeroth expert Christos Reid, this might even be the best entry point for the game in a long time.

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