WoW Shadowlands patch released, after short maintenance

  • The official release date of WoW Shadowlands has finally arrived, although some players have been waiting longer than others. But for North American users, server maintenance is almost over and the journey of new patches can begin.

    In fact, you should have noticed that, like other patches, WoW Shadowlands pre-patches will not be available in the US and Europe at the same time. Therefore, when Shadowlands goes live in the US on Tuesday, October 13, EU players will have to wait an extra 24 hours. As Blizzard confirmed earlier this week, the EU is always patching the day after the United States, so the EU patching date is the 14th.

    It should be noted that the Cheap WOW Classic Gold pre-patch program can be online during or after maintenance and is worth checking after the scheduled downtime ends. Up to this time period, players can basically download the new patch. Players in Shadowlands will be able to travel through four new areas ruled by ancient and powerful covenants. And when reaching the highest level 60, players will be able to join one of the contracts and continue to explore the afterlife of World of Warcraft and its many mysteries and adventures. Before the full expansion is officially launched, players will be able to explore all the changes that are taking place after the release of the pre-patch.

    The biggest and most direct change in the game is that Blizzard has reconstructed the upgrade method and used new methods to temper the character. It is not 120 now, and the new level cap is now 60. What's more special is that instead of upgrading in an area that has been used for ten years, players start their journey in a new area called Exile's Reach. Someone played it on WoW's Beta server earlier this year, and it gave a better introduction to the appearance of modern WOW.

    If the player is a novice, after reaching level 10, the current version of Battle for Azeroth's story will be played level by level. Or in another situation, this is not your first time to play, you can choose the previous expansion to play, which will raise you to level 50, which is also the current upper limit, and then until Shadowbringers starts.

    Shortly after the Classic WOW Gold pre-expansion launch, as the Scourge sweeps the entire land, you will be asked to defend Azeroth from undead invasion. Players will begin to establish a stronghold in Icecrown, the barrier between Azeroth and the afterlife is broken, and preparations for the upcoming Shadowlands. This limited time pre-expansion event is only available before Shadowlands launches, so make sure to log in to experience it and receive special rewards.

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