After the WOW and CoD patches were released, the

  • After updating the patch, players tried to play online multiplayer games through Blizzard’s However, players may have thought of having to Buy WOW Classic Gold wait longer than usual, but the current queue time for more than a month is absolutely unexpected. These absurd waiting times were carried out after the release of the popular World of Warcraft and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare titles.

    Players should understand that Blizzard’s is an online game and digital distribution website similar to Steam, where we can also purchase games and conduct social interactions. But the difference is that the main difference from Steam is that is mainly dedicated to supporting Blizzard games, but there are some notable exceptions, such as some recent Call of Duty games. Although has existed since the 1990s, after years of continuous development and change, one of its main functions is now to act as a matching center for all multiplayer games on the site.

    According to a report from GameSpot, the WOW Classic Gold For Sale current waiting time for some of the most popular games on is unusually long. Even some players have posted screenshots of the game on their Twitter accounts, and the longest waiting time is 45 days, which shows how cruel some of the estimated waiting times are. However, due to its absurdity, so far, it seems that many players are treating the situation with a humorous attitude. The current situation is that Blizzard has not resolved the cause of the extreme waiting time.

    Some speculate that the contributing factor may be the latest version of the two major updates of World of Warcraft and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The World of Warcraft update is a pre-patch in preparation for the Shadowlands expansion that will be released on October 27th. At the same time, Modern Warfare will allow PC players to uninstall certain game modes to reduce file size. Because previous players complained that Modern Warfare took up too much internal storage space, causing them to be unable to play games.

    Although the large amount of waiting time is ridiculous, it is undoubtedly a strange phenomenon. If it is indeed the culprit of these latest updates, whether it is a technical problem or just a surge in website traffic, it is surprising that Blizzard is not better prepared, especially for the two most popular games. However, the possible situation is not so serious. Now Blizzard's is undergoing some intensive maintenance and may run as often as snapshots. The month-long waiting for players starting today may end a week ago at the latest.

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