World of Warcraft: Halloween events and tasks at the end of 202

  • Halloween in 2020 is approaching. I believe that by that time, all major games will have various activities. Of course, our favorite World of Warcraft is no exception. In the World of Warcraft Halloween event, players can participate in Halloween 2020 and earn seasonal cosmetics, including pets, toys, and even rare mounts.

    Although the Cheap WOW Classic Gold release date of the new expansion is postponed, World of Warcraft players will not enter Shadowlands for a while, but the heroes of Azeroth continue to enjoy their joy in the game. Thanks to the latest patch update, everyone is adapting to new class changes, level squeezing and leveling through past extensions, but everyone still has time to celebrate special holidays. From October 13th to November 1st, players can participate in Hallow's End 2020.

    The Halloween event reflects the Halloween in real life, can be traced back to the classics, to celebrate the Forsaken out of the Vanilla WOW Gold control of the Lich King. By 2020, this seasonal event will become even more important as the upcoming Scourge invasion approaches Shadowlands. Over the years, Hallow's End 2020 has undergone many updates, allowing players to trick-or-treating and confront the Headless Horseman across all continents.

    During Hallow's End 2020, players placed more than 130 candy buckets in each area of ??Azeroth and other worlds. After the player finds and interacts with these buckets, they will get a bag full of Tricky Treats, event currency, and other Halloween cosmetics, such as the Magic Broom mount, which is cast instantly. However, players should be aware that there is a chance to "Trick" or "Treat" them when completing the candy bucket quest, which can not only add light to the costume, but also deform and comfort the character. Using transformation spells like Druid's transformation will eliminate the debuff as soon as possible.

    In addition, players of course also have daily tasks. In each World of Warcraft starting town, "Shade of the Horseman" will regularly launch attacks and cause multiple buildings to catch fire. The "'Masked Orphan Matron" NPC will provide players with tasks to extinguish these fires. Successfully doing so will make Shade attackable and trigger another daily task after defeating him. These two tasks are repeatable every day, and the reward of the task is "Tricky Treats".

    Alliance and Horde players can go to Stormwind and Undercity respectively to complete more daily tasks. These tasks include pranking another faction with smelly bombs, extinguishing their wickerman fire, or cleaning up smelly bombs and respecting their own wickerman. The wickerman mission will also give 10% experience and reputation gains, stacking with the ongoing 100% gains to Legion and Battle for Azeroth factions. Players need to talk to Zidormi in Tirisfal Glades to access the old version of Undercity.

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