Please sals I come rawling for you for ideas on how to generate

  • Ok first off OSRS gold this is the first time on the forums. I havent played with runescape in a while, but im beginning to agian. But with all the modifications like Grand Excahnge and not being able to get freebies from frineds, im a little stuck. Right now im lvl 26 range, 40 lifetime, and im using bronze arrows with willow extended bow. Im killing cows. Its taking FOREVER! Only spent and hour getting from 20-26. Where could I find chaos runes the fastest. I have 40 att, 38 str, 30 def, full addy, rune skimmy (though Ill have a rune lengthy and 2hder at just a little bit) and 39 magic. However, I dont need to purchase insanity they're just way to much. Idc if I have to kill lvl 7 critters to receive them I just wish to know the fastest way.

    Same question as above just no im asking for mith/addy arrows. Last question. How long do you think It takes to get minning into lvl 60 from lvl 50. I have rune select, and I intend to bank all of my ores. Which ore if I mine coal or iron. And where. Sorry for the four questions. And thx for any informtaion you are able to get me. And id like to inform anyone that needs cash and has 30+smithing which in case you buy the coal and iron ore, smelt to pubs, then sell you will make near to 200gp profit each bar. Members can just take the bars and make cannon balls from them to make 300gp per bar.What is the fastest and most efficient way of earning money starting from these stats? Thanks for reading, any suggestions? I'm about to lvl next strength level, I believe. I thought lessers in karamja due to: lessers, close fishing spot, lvl 70 fishing/cooking, lessers will strike me I dont hav to attack. Downside is: much out of bank, lessers hit hard, have to be moderately/ a lot attentive, lots of individuals. However, some1 suggested this place in centre of barbarian village where u can do safety quest or something... And it is down 3 floors, I think. He states to proceed and train w/ spiders because (the next is wat he said. Have not checked myself).

    Please sals I come rawling for you for ideas on how to generate money. I truly don't mind whether it is insecure (as long as it payes off) but I want something fairly quick to perform for cash. Thus far I have tried: Merchanting items (dragon 2h, gilded armour, dragon armour, etc) Assessing dragons (Maging, ranging and melleeing these ) Doing hints (really don't mind doing these really ) Summoning (performing the spirit snake egg spawn method) Fishing OSRS Money (was not too bad) Double nature running (I am done for this as I lost over 400k in armour and teletabs, may take action to get rid of remaining ess) Thieving (I could do this if anyone recommends master gardeners however it will likely get old fast)