I've kind of reduction curiosity about Runescape

  • My present RuneScape gold gear: tug med helm, Rune platebody, Drag platelegs, Drag boots, Abyssal whip, drag dagger p++, or drag scimi, Tok-et-xil (shield). I had been considering becoming barrows armour before I realised it degrades overtime, which might mean spending a lot of money to buy it again. If anyone has any sugestions regarding how Ican level up my three melee abilities to 80 and make money, please inform me!

    Well, first off, you don't have to re-buy the barrows armour, simply recharge it, which costs very little. Your plan of blue dragons seems good for cash, but if you plan on playing long-term, slayer is a better option, and you'll regret it later if you do play for a very long time... The equipment you are using today appears great, but try to get a guardian because they are much better, and the barrows armour. The whip/d scim is good for training, so keep that.

    Alright, so lately I've kind of reduction curiosity about Runescape, just because it seemed like bossing/slaying, which is exactly what I mostly do. But recently I desired 90 Mining, I don't know why. I was planning to follow up with Smithing to get Dungeoneering, only for like Promethium/Skill Rooms/Looks fine. So then I thought about LRC. Because I was considering when I sometimes fished in there whilst obtaining 99 Fishing and that there was to it. I did some of those Math the other day, so it has probably changed a bit. I'll be end up with about 120k roughly Gold Ore once I get 99. I forgot where I'm at right now but that doesn't matter. Then I will need like what, another 75k or so more Gold Ore to get 99. With the costs of Ores/Bars I will make 11M Gain since I mined it all, therefore there should not be any way I lose money, right? I'm posting from my iPod so it'll be too difficult to compute the numbers.

    Hopefully this made a little sense, the principal question was the Math part, since at the time I was tired haha. Basically I calculated amount of ore out of 99 Mining, while also calculating how much money that'd be. Approx. 26M roughly. Then how much I pubs I needed to make for 99 Smithing, and also the amount buy RS gold that'd cost. Approx. 27M or so.