Just is not allowed by default with EVE echoes

  • Excel does, in excel I think. Just is not allowed by default with EVE Mobile ISK shine is all.That is accurate but I do not think excel has a service which exposes that solver when writing custom code for the sheet. You may surely use the solver through the excel interface however that this sheet is significantly more involved and requires some customized coding.Awesome video and even greater show of skill.We came for a battle and wasn't disappointed. GF!It was unquestionably a great moment. UnfortunatelyI dc'ed and once I got back on I had been driving a bunny but what a struggle to watch.Both sides did seem incredibly respectful and the organization was actually solid.Thanks for discussing, fantastic stuff!Thank you for the respectfull post. Both sides were epic!This was the most fun I have ever needed in this game.I'm glad I joined The Silent Alliance.Last night, The Silent Alliance fought Golden Horde (and their allies.

    It was a huge battle. SHH had between 125-145 individuals. They had 380+.First, I provide Golden Horde enormous props. Even as soon as they realized their objective of saving the station, they remained and fought. This is a testament to good leadership.Also, I want to thank The Silent Alliance. We have had several enormous struggles recently, and we keep going. We always wanted The Silent Alliance to be a PVP first alliance, along with the corporations that connect us do it for the PVP!

    Notable Parts Of The Fight: Golden Horde knew we were coming and they had put up a gate camp. We jumped into it warped off. We figured we would shed a few people, and we all did. SHH lost 4 ships worth roughly 350m off the bat. We regrouped. And we warped around to the Station which was going to come off anchoring. We had been severely outnumbered. A number of times. Eventually we settled into a rhythm cycling through FCs based on who crashed. It was hectic at first, but we eventually settled into a rhythm. Golden Hordes FC did a fantastic job utilizing the limited features in the game to attempt and get his fleet ontop of ours.

    Those numbers appear... Odd. I will take a look at our side of kill mails.I remember killing a great deal of Chinese, though. Didn't get any killing blows though, but they warped right on top of us and just died instantly.But yeah, when they were not allied with you then those are inherently not your losses.

    I got desynced once and when match reconnected it amazes me right next to you, haha. I made it out but damn that was terrifying. Was nearly down into hull.Good fighting with you.So there are a couple things about this:Guardians prevent the outpost from taking damage by soaking it up themselves allowing the timer to continue unmolested. Therefore you can spider tank an outpost.Our purpose of arriving into eve echoes isk cheap the timer was the fight and we got that in spades.