Madden Cash has been the only currency that carried over

  • Idc concerning the heritage page, but Mut 21 coins I've been playing this game since its release in 2014 and this really is nullifying all history of this. That is hours of individuals lives becoming deleted over a new program that's probably not even vital.

    So will I be able to play with mm20 still because this can be on a new app or? Stone wouldn't have carried over anyway. Madden Cash has been the only currency that carried over. I was not actually banking carrying over, mostly waiting for something much more worthwhile later in the summer that never arrived. Possibly hoping I could dismiss them on some kind of year score packs for next year. Edit: I was wondering if this means we can nevertheless play madden 20 next year? The app has to be so broken by now they can't even upgrade much without breaking it. I don"t know why most individuals are mad about MM21. Yeah, no legacy may sting for a couple weeks, but I'm looking forward. It's a sport men. An aggressive game, but a match no matter. Y'all behaving as that will hurt you.

    They took away captains. I was prepared to grind my favorite team but no it is just coaches and schemes. Ok, I'm kind of glad for no moving over this year, besides madden cash and logos. But I could be mad, IDK. Must have known something was up as soon as an offer for 30,000 at MC more than 60 days for just $19.99 popped up from the store. Figured EA was only being nice because it was the close of the season. Silly roamin. Like an idiot, I bought without checking the news here first. You gotta acknowledge, u/EA_Messina, pretty shady stuff by your employer. Feels like hit 3 to me. Edit: whatever you do, don't change your mind later. With this statement, I'm likely to begin unloading all the MC I've saved up. Deciding the last minute to go ahead and transfer it into the new app would definitely burn a bridge .

    I understand a good deal of the frustration. We tried to inform you before the new field pass so you can create your own decision on how to proceed. New App does not enable transfer of any sort. It's not a choice we decided to fail. I hope you tune into the streams and see a great deal of the new things M21M has to offer, there's a whole lot to be shown every Monday for the next month. 1st Party App stores do not permit transfers.

    What happens when we have MC equilibrium at the close of the season? Can you shed any light on the rationale behind this daring move? I'd have to presume it is updating the motor or the frame for which they want the game built. Madden 15-20 have all been somewhat similar in terms of layout, with live events, seasons, and these. Madden 25 (in case you played that far back) was vastly different, and the exact last program before this new iteration that madden 21 coins xbox one has been happening for 6 decades.