Defeat them and you'll be told you will find more

  • If captured in this particular one, you will be advised by the guards to reveal authorization, and if you fail, they will request that you follow them to the office close to the entrance. The rebel elves will help you in this stage, but you'll have to begin all over. Therefore don't get noticed. In the end of the maze, there'll be a elf commander with a megahorn. He'll announce that RS gold all commanders are to report to him for a quick meeting about unexpected Iorworth with a victory celebration. So now, the head general is from his office, however, his plans aren't. Go upstairs.

    I will not detail it. At the conclusion is the workplace of the mind general. Take a papyrus, pencil, ink bottle from his or her desk. Search his cabinet for those plans. Duplicate them down and replace the programs quickly. Teleport to Llyeta and provide the programs to Ariannwyn.

    Ok, now you have to stop Lord Iorworth and King Lathas in precisely the same time. Ariannwyn is going to have every single one of the guys involved, including you. The first part of Iorworth's program would be to get the mourners burn the forest of Isafdar so they can find the rebel elf base. The enchantments around Llyeta make that impossible, but if the forest is burnt, hundreds of elves living inside, not to mention that the Tyras troops, may perish.

    With King Lathas covertly working together with them, the defense Ardougne puts up will probably be weak at best. Ariannwyn expects to counter it by teleporting the exceptionally trained Tyras forces to East Ardougne, but someone will have to deal with King Lathas. You'll have several Rebel Elves helping you, but it will be dangerous.

    The fire the mourners will use can be obstructed with shield from magic, but it can also be blocked by an antidragon shield or elemental armor. Proceed to the bridge and speak with the rebel elf. A cutscene will ensue, and 3 level 111 mourners along with a level 78 flashlight mourner will look. The level 111s usage melee like the ones in the West Ardougne foundation, the torcher employs a fire strike which hits hard if you don't use an antidragon shield, elemental armor, or keep from magic.

    Defeat them and you'll be told you will find more in the forest. Proceed to the Tyras Catapult Guard and you will observe the Tyras camp being attacked by flashlight mourners. Kill all of them. You will see a cutscene with Eluned telling General Hinning that she has to teleport his guys to Ardougne to combat Iorworth's invasion. Iswylyn tells you to go to Ardougne yourself, and let him manage the mourners.I believe that Runescape must make a brand new f2p quest but not just that. If people begin to get randomly murdered in Misthalin King Roald the Third asks one to find out what is happening to his people. Then you go speak to some old friends (Duke Horacio, Gypsy Aris, Morgen, Father Aareck, chief of the Phoenix Gang or Black Gang, and Romeo) to get some advice about those mysterious killings. You conclude that it occurs mostly across the road. You also here about a new guy who just moved to Varrock who mutters alot and cheap RuneScape gold does not talk to others that frequently.