No, Especially when there are lots of great PC

  • It didnt happen in bfa - we sucked there also drama wise, we had WOW TBC Classic Gold any raidtiers at which we had been midst of the pack rather than bottom third, but thats it. They finally de-reworked the entire spec to a better variant of their pre-legion gamestyle (gameplaywise) and then just never buffed us to be more aggressive in raids. I believe they just have some very committed designers for some classes and specs, and those that are constantly forgotten and ignored just dont have somebody who needs it to succeed, so they simply get looked at sparingly and receive a 5% buff here and there.

    Wait wait wait wait. I stopped playing back during Cataclysm, which had already been a meme back then make it was literally in the WOTLK trailer. I have kept up only a tiny bit Through the Years and completely forgot about this haha

    As someone who had to quit playing classic due to insufficient time, it has its flaws, since it's a really old game now, but it did a lot right too. It did not have a whole lot of throwaway pieces. Everything in classic has been basically required, so as to function somewhere else in classic. I have not really seen a match with systems that incorporated since then.

    Meanwhile, I haven't gotten any new expansions because legion. Why? Since the game keeps chugging along, but I do not feel as though it's improved. I didn't even like Legion that much. It was nice, but I wasn't excited. Hilariously, I adored MoP, because I loved the side stuff (but not a lot of those dailies).

    I really don't believe any expansion because MOP actually improved on the match. It's essentially the same game it has been for quite a while, but with a difficult to swallow story (I sort of lost track of what occurred after MoP,) fresh zones, and some surface level material switched around and lost after the previous expansion. If anything, it keeps gaining difficulties and plot holes.

    No, Especially when there are lots of great PC games which aren't just more affordable, but greater quality, also have lots of gameplay , also have an entire experience as well as the 1 time price? I don't believe the MMO genre is dead, but I can think of a good deal of games which I'd rather play than WoW.

    I feel you. I get real nostalgic for some wow but read up on the current xpac and choose against it. I quested a bit from the xpac after but got pissed at times questing zones (I can't play with cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold my buddy now since hes 1 quest ahead wut? I liked the instance world changes before then). Occasionally I feel like I should've sold my accounts at peak cata days where I had like 5 max level characters with heroic tape equipment pieces...