I feel as the cost of creating the mmo

  • It's difficult to go from the Legion circlejerk but legendarys, AP, and WOW TBC Classic Gold titanforging were the worst thing to ever occur to WoW. They have been met with massive positive feedback over 3 of the oddest methods ever put in the game.

    That is one of the biggest reasons I dropped Destiny 2, that along with the ridiculous price of their expansions and the season passes that had hardly any value in their benefit tiers, just zero to look forward to and get excited about. Seeing QOL upgrades being touted as selling points was the final nail, however. Manipulative and sleezy and lazy, absolutely fucking lazy and that I have zero qualms saying that.

    It stings a little, but the title of the main post also made me instantly think of Bungie, with Destiny two. They didn't care about all the participant time spent grinding to get their desired rolls, seeing their items power-capped, then needing to re-grind the specific same rolls and weapon, only with a new power cap. They didn't actually make the new drops distinct in any meaningful manner like sunsetting was supposed to perform.

    Like the name, you can argue they were totally incompetent, they wanted the boosted player time, or heck, maybe it's not black and white - they were fine knowing that their incompetence rewarded them, therefore they dragged their feet on fixing it until more than a year later.

    Wow has had 20 decades of development effort and expertise thrown at it. Apart from shitty systems and decisions... It works, the game functions and contains a complete world built already. That is a whole lot more than we can say about a lot of mmos already. For the most part there aren't any game busting issues which stop a massive portion of the player base from enjoying .

    Everyone put in 20k hours into the game feels connected to it and it's to get better. . Right? Those 20k hours were not for nothing. . Right?

    I feel as the cost of creating the mmo genre is going to be nearly impossible to get into without previous base.

    There's a couple of ones on the horizon with a theoretical endless budget like fresh world and ashes of invention but these mmos would have to be polished to perfection and revolutionary to get folks to remain on them and my hopes for these are not very high.

    I used to talk with Hazzikostas frequently in Vanilla. We played on the same server. He had been among the very intelligent and friendly gamers I have ever met. I cannot fathom that buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold he is genuinely incompetent. There's just no way. He came to the gambling industry via guild management just like Pardo and Kaplan.