One of the main reasons is they can't put the rabbit

  • I don't believe that vanilla racials are the only reason for WOW TBC Gold why people choose their FACTION. It wasn't the same experience I had in the past. The Rank 1 player with whom I played for a time decided to go with Tauren just because they seemed cool to him.

    While no one has stated that, it's evident that the factions weren't made up of random people. There's no reason why everyone would like to play with their buddies. This is absurd.

    Ion discussed retail WoW in which there aren't servers or a mega-server that you can play with anyone within your area. The game is balanced, though Alliance is more experienced players than Horde.
    It's not balanced for real players. Perhaps it's balanced by the how many characters have been made, but that's trivial to test. You can log in to view M+ keys or pug raids. I've got max level characters of both factions. The skill level is very different. This is difficult to assess in a objective manner. It's likely due to the fact that anyone who truly cares about taking on serious rerolls in order to horde.

    There are those who are defending Blizzard for this delusion, with weak arguments like "if people want to play Horde, that's just how it's going to be, it's not possible to hinder players from playing Horde" however, that's quite feasible.

    Blizzard could allow faction change from Horde or Alliance at no cost however they're too dumb to allow this. They responded, "This was not an option in the first TBC" when they offered six months of game time that gives you the ability to purchase a Mount or Pet that wasn’t in the original TBC. This is a complete loss of immersion as it's the only mount with modern animation.

    One of the main reasons is they can't put the rabbit back into the hat - it's a permanent modification to the game. Additionally, I believe they're scared that cross play will eventually result in the horde/alliance name becoming obsolete which is a problem considering the amount of marketing it creates.

    The devil is in details. When you look at the PvP servers there is a balance completely off thrown. 40% alliance, 60% Horde. In PvE it's the reverse way around 60% Horde, 66 percent Alliance, 34% Horde.

    So what's the reasonable conclusion out of this: The players on the alliance side are more focused on PvE and that shows in the server selection and side distribution. The players on the buy WOW Classic TBC Gold horde side are more focused on PvP. This causes an increase in the time it takes to queue up despite both two sides being almost equal.