I am able to earn 20,000 ExP for each mob that I kill

  • Your actions, and those of the players who did exactly the same thing that's why EVERYONE is leaving this game. There is no interest in a pvp match where players threw their 2 month pay check into a game to aion classic kinah buying be ahead, only for OS to ruin everyone the encounter, most of us were ecstatic at the prospect of doing blue shulack, but the that they include coins as well as the enchant stone has already caused many of those grinds and curved. Wow!

    It is difficult to find us because many of us , who have been banned from SR-quest for repeats while others, but who weren't, are afraid to do any other thing for fear of being thrown out for doing other rubbish. Many are dissatisfied by the lack of support provided by NCSHiT.

    The monetization is not ideal however it does not affect the game significantly in the upper echelon. Whales will continue to purchase gold sellers, regardless of whether or the shop actually in operation. It's typically cheaper to buy from them, particularly because it's so simple. Kinah helps mostly with manastone/enchants on gear that is used in the endgame, but you're not in any rush to max those out anyways. If you're into mmorpgs on tabs, like grinding, and are interested to play games that focus on pvpplay, then the game is worth your time.

    It's the ideal opportunity to begin as the current patch has very only a few items. The next patch will contain a pvp instance as well as an armor quest set for the endgame.

    I am able to earn 20,000 ExP for each mob that I kill, but I am only getting 400K for the quest. Just half of the 2M EXP I am gaining from the quest in fact from killing mobs. 200K/2M (10%) isn't really that noticable. I've only lost 20M experience , if I do 100 quests, which is not even a quarter of the amount needed to get from 49 to 50.

    The game is extremely playable to the end of the 30s and early 40s. In the meantime there's not notice any distinction between blue and white gear. As everyone is currently upgrading and gearing up at the same time, it's impossible to distinguish between the stats for 10 on an item.

    Another point is that all currently available dungeons can buy aion classic kinah be completed in just under an hour. That means that if you've got (gold) loot, you can obtain it. However, if want the best gear, you'll have to purchase a subscription.