The D Pick is released and I haven't seen any discussion about

  • Unlimited use but need to be fixed. It is paid for once, and OSRS gold every once in a while you have to pay a lesser amount to renew its status. Barrows and Berzerker protections are just two examples. They provide semi-financial security and a money sink. They are also very rare and costly, and could be lost in the market for millions.

    You cannot repair it even if you utilize it for a short period of time. It is paid for once, but it degrades over time. Vesta's, Statius, Corrupt Dragon, Sacred Clay, and other armors are some examples. The demand for the armor is steady because people have constant demand for the armor, instead of fluctuating rapidly because of minimal sales per day. It is not appealing to pay for armor again and again. So what is your opinion? Think about the implications of your position for the economy and yourself.

    This isn't an entire rant. A lot of people complain about the fact that these abilities are "underpowered". First of all, the skill of Range&mage is one. Each one is an independent skill. Melee has 2/3 abilities, Attack and defense as well as strength. Second: Range&mage dont fight very often and so a "weaker" players with lower combat levels may really have a very strong mage or range, and which means they're less powerful as their combat level is less intense. ( I know it's confusing, but bear with me : wizard Melee shoots up your combat level and therefore is more effective.

    Third: Mage and Range would have to be more powerful to make your combat level rise. With melee its already powerful, thats why it makes it possible to increase your level.

    Forth - Max hit, with range still at 100/200 (please justification) and the cool effects of mage include freezing, stat reduction, veng! These items are only available to Melee when you're willing to spend! That's all I can say at the moment. I'm open to hearing about new products (armadyl wep anyone? Thanks for reading, Please post any questions or arguments. And sorry for any gramaitcal or spelling errors.

    The D Pick is released and I haven't seen any discussion about it , I think I'll make a post about it! You should all be aware of the origins of this powerful pickaxe as well as the new beasts that make up the quest. Here's my opinion (or story)

    I began mining after having completed all the buy RuneScape gold quests for free. When I became a member I reached the age of 71. I was disappointed to discover that mining was the top ability to earn money. This is a horrible thing!