I can't argue in their reasoning about trying to change

  • Teleporting is now feasible, rather than the 10+ minute flight routes. I will admit that WOW TBC Gold "Pray Come to the Waking Sands" will cause me to experience some gaming-related PTSD that I had years ago.

    While I'll continue to enjoy playing WoW, I doubt it will lead me to another online game. I've tried other mmos over the years and they've all failed to keep my attention. While there are many things to consider such as graphics and gameplay it is the soundtrack that is the essential.

    SWTOR is the sole MMORPG I have found to make me feel anything else than WoW's tune. It's Star Wars music, so I'm sure it'll be a wonderful game.

    I believe that Wrath will conclude my WoW chapter. My first toon was in TBC, and I wasn't able to reach my max level until a few weeks before Wrath. Wrath was where I found my feet, I learned about raiding and mastering my character. It was an incredible expansion that brought me lots of joy and I cannot be waiting to play it again.

    Story writing is at an all-time low. The primary adversary is dull. There are around 20 active currencies. The content is mostly empty bones. PVP is all that is currently available. All high end achievements are also available to purchase with WoW tokens. It's disconnected and empty.

    Making the decision to level up and where to put that 1 talent point , and which new spells I could purchase was a big deal. As I expanded later I was stunned to find that the agency which allowed me to invest 1 talent per... 10 was the only option I could find. 15? Levels. The skills were automatically learned and there was not an instant rush from any individual improvement. Sadness. For meat least.

    I can't argue in their reasoning about trying to change the tree of talent (too cookie cutter many people just checked out a build and then used it, and the reason was the 1% increase in damage to targets, aren't "exciting") but then they substituted them with a few choices which... ended to be cookie-cutter, and/or required to have the spec not be unpleasant and feel even more restrictive.

    Too diluted even for a noob. In their defense, it appeared that they wanted to appeal to a informal player base. This was not a success for casual players.

    It's not a win-win scenario for developers, i believe. Certain gamers (like you) are addicted to the totally fake feeling of control, agency, and individuality that you gained by having points put into the cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold same categories in the same order that everyone else does. If you restrict it to reasonable alternatives that are balanced, but without a proper answer, they are lost, sad and constrained.