They'll make franchise style just decent enough to rope you

  • This can 100% be done in 1 year if they don't waste resources on a dull career style like Face of the Franchise. I'm not purchasing M21 unless you can find SIGNIFICANT franchise developments. But I'm not getting it until late in the year after it's on sale even if that does occur. So maybe if they really listen for once, it is going to Madden 21 coins be worthwhile but I'm not anticipating much of anything still. I'm hoping M22 will actually give franchise the adjustments it deserves. Folks have been requesting exactly the exact same thing with Career Mode on FIFA games for decades, and nothing changed. They said the exact same shit"we're listening to the fans".

    They'll make franchise style just decent enough to rope you for the 60 admittance ticket. Then they will funnel you towards supreme team as much as they possibly can. Upgrades and new content for UT per week but franchise mode will remain largely the same on day 1 which it's 12 weeks later. I enjoy UT, particularly squads, but it is fairly shitty just how EA pushes the ultimate group arena in all their sports games now. It was a brand new thing in the last iteration of NCAAF and I wager their frothing in the mouth trusting that title returns later on in order that they could have yet another cash cow UT game.It's nice to get an acknowledgement. We got nothing in Nintendo with #FixUltimateOnline. I expect EA provides Madden exactly the same treatment they did Battlefront II in reaction to this backlash.

    Ya know, madden does have a community manager. He just literally simply places over on the greatest group sub. Its absurd. I play a lot of Destiny, also there would be riots if Bungies community managers only talked about 1 game mode. This would not have happened if Madden hauled here at all. They start adding features during the entire year. We are done waiting an entire year for essential basic stuff that could be an update. I can not wait to find the ability to hire assistants them and again lauding this as a massive thing. This has become the worst year and alter for sports matches. The Show was not even particularly memorable this year. Like, none of that should be hard, but it sure sounds like no one wants to put in the opportunity to produce these games rewarding.

    Next year will probably be even worse. 2k has not even revealed gameplay yet and they are already getting dragged through the mud. That is cool. I hope they ACTUALLY fix it rather than just fill us all with empty promises! But they wouldn't do that! Man, if they could only set legends in for Fantasy Drafts, I'd be a far bigger supporter. I gave up following 19. Franchise mode is essentially season mode where you are able to transfer gamers, and the gameplay is 360/ps3 era jank. Should they do be able to improve Franchise and ensure it is deep and meaningful, then yeah, I would be eager to come back. I would even forgive the jank gameplay just to buy Mut 21 coins show that I support their efforts to create Franchise great again.