I command you to turn back to RuneScape

  • Next head back to Rind that the Farmer and RuneScape gold use the Super Compost(b), then plant the seeds, then halfway through their expansion they will get diseased, utilize the Super Plant Heal on it. After the Keldahops have completely grown Rind will thank you and tell you to return and speak with Commander Veldban.

    After speaking with Commander Veldaban, you will find out that Kjut's meat supply for his kebabs hasn' been coming through from White Wolf Mountain. Talk with Kjut to learn his provider is Arhein in Catherby who has been sending his carts over White Wolf Mountain, but they haven't been getting over. Head out to Catherby, and speak with Arhein, and he'll tell you his assistant who generally does the deliveries goes at the base of the Catherby Side of White Wolf Mountain.

    Defeat all three and reach the other side of the mountain. Now return to the Catherby side of White Wolf Mountain and talk with all the dwarf who guards the underground passage. Today he'll allow the shipment to experience the passage, tell Arhein who'll be pleased about this change. Now head back to Keldagrim and speak with Kjut to find out that the order remains not going through. Head back to Catherby, get yourself armed forces and equip a bunch of jealousy, head down to the passage to see a cut scene where a Spirit Wolf attacks the Assistant with the cart, now it's up to you to ruin the Spirit Wolf, level 210. Communicate with Kjut back in Keldagrim and you have solved his dilemna.

    Next talk with Commander Veldaban again, who will inform you Gold Warriors are coming out of those caves and Dondaken wants your help to stop them. Head over to Dondaken and he will beg you to kill the current four Gold Warriors, level 62, and then Dondaken will tell you an old wizard may have the ability to assist you prevent them permanantly, so head over to Hazelmere who can"look to your mind" and provide you a glimpse. Head back to Dondaken and You'll see the following article:

    English Translation: Decorative monsters I command you to turn back to your own department and end your existance. Smokin' Joe and Keldagrim's Rat Infestation. Speak with Smokin' Joe and he will inform you that rats have begun to pile in the city, fortunately he was able to make a small cage around each of the 3 holes to slow them down. Smokin' Joe will inform you that you need to buy OSRS gold block the holesand he could make steel boards if you bring him steel bars.