Rsgoldfast - There is no need to be concerned

  • After you finish with Movario, your character concludes that RuneScape gold he left some things in Dorgeshkan which could provide a clue. Talk to Oldak, who will mention that he shared some of his knowledge about Lumbridge Caves to a man named Movario. You can ask Oldak whether he knew the subject he was learning about.

    He and Zanik will be keen to check out the Guthix Temple you uncovered, even if it's filled with demons. There is no need to be concerned about Tormented Demons as the expedition is limited to the areas to the outside. You will still need weapons for melee and range as well as plenty of food since there is going to be fighting.

    Drop yourself down into the chasm using the help of a Light Creature, then talk to Oldak, who says there is a good vantage point above you. Return up, and cross the chasm to the Magic Gem Rocks, then traverse the ledge in front of you to be on a bare piece of ground. Contact Oldak. Ah, I see much better from here. With the information you've provided me about Movario I've got an idea about the Stone of Jas you spoke of. I believe...

    Now, I'm thinking that if I tailed [your name], I would discover something fascinating, and I have. However, knowing comes at costs. I will pay the price. Wyvoch starts blazing at you. Oldak, Zanik, you and Zanik cover themselves behind a boulder. Zanik has an idea. It's impossible to shoot the Kin. He'll blast you before your bowstring can be pulled back. Wyvoch is hit by Zanik's crossbow when she shoots it at an angle. The bone bolt turns and Zanik is able to shoot it.

    Now, you must fight you. He's at level 463 and is using an advanced version Fire Wave that hits 30s and Smoke Barrage. Prayers for protection will only provide some protection, similar to in PvP. You should be able to attack him from a distance because he has powerful mage defense. Zanik can also take on his opponent. He'll utilize melee to leap to your platform when in the 2/3 range. He will laugh at your efforts and throw an Smoke Blitz at 1/3 health. Zanik is thrown forward and is hit. Wyvoch teleports. You and Oldak rush Zanik back to Dorgeshkan and buy rs 3 gold begin treatment for her poison.