What makes Runescape grind my gears?

  • Wearing full rune armor (chainmail not dragon slayer) are beginning to RuneScape gold ask stupid questions like: "How can you get wool balls?" "How do you obtain the silver bars?" Are they really new to playing? I ask them whether they have a different account, and they tell me they've been playing for a long time.

    It's possible that it's something that we all do. However, I can't believe people who have played for at the very least a few years to not have a basic understanding of concepts. Have they been playing for days/weeks/months/years and not known any sense of direction/what they are doing and have just been following people the ENTIRE TIME!

    As a kid there was no GE. Everyone would gather in Varrock castle's gardens and shout "Press 222" to purchase full rune armour. However, after revisiting, I was able to understand what the GE was in less than an hour. Rant over.

    Hello everyone, i'd suggest good money making strategies for F2P players would be chopping the yews in the area of dranyor. There are four around that area and theres a bank near too. There are three yews near the grand exit and the grand exchange bank. Another spot to cut yews is nearby the grand exhange. (i will note that these places will be crowed sometimes so u should world hop until u find a good location.

    Another one would be mining rune essence in varrock (u will need to finish the quest for Rune Mysteries)there is a bank close to the rune shop were u get teleported. All you are able to do is to sell the rune essence and buy old school rs gold make the rune.