This is my current vision for my RS

  • This is an illustration of what I designed for rs2007 gold the first and second floors of my house I wanted all of the Chapels to be depicted. But, my favorite being Guthix His chapel is on the second floor in my "Royal Suite". This leaves me with 4 rooms to build a Dungeon, if I ever want one. Maybe I'll reconsider my decision in the future, but this is my current vision for my RS "dream home".

    Please be aware that since I'm still at Level 50 Construction, there are some rooms aren't yet built. Just my vision of the future. At present, I have 21 rooms including my first portal room that I recently built.

    During my RS journey, I have acquired a variety of things. Halloween masks. Santa Claus and everything GWD items. It is crucial to think about how you are perceived in-game. For example, when I wore the full 3rd grade at level 110, I drew a lot of kids asking what I did to earn money, etc.

    Now, I just wear a really nubby ugly outfit (Mith chain studded chaps, gold ammy, etc.), And I admitt, I love it! Nobody is and asks me for claws or other things. People see me as a narcissist, therefore they ignore my requests. I actually wore the above one day, and then changed to Full Bandos + claws.

    My neighbor was like, "Oh Luftey. Didn't realize you were 120. I thought you were level forty." You think... Your clothes influence people's perception of you. Do you judge people based on the way they dress? I believe most people are unaware of me in my latest outfit... I don't judge others by their clothes. However, I get attracted to place an individual in the "nub" file when I see them wearing D meds, bandos+glory, or cheap RuneScape gold full rune+glory.