RuneScape - These events encourage unhealthy gameplay

  • When I was trying to RuneScape gold come up with a name for my account the coolest idea I came up with was "Killer1" 1234. When it came to my Sals name I was "KILLL." So, when I was playing, I would do the best/most ridiculous things. One example: I visited the Lumbridge chicken farm to inquire what the location of Lumbridge was. Set up new accounts in order to get the 10k from Stronghold of Security.

    I worked for days and hours in order to earn 100k. I asked my friends to take me to Falador. I found the way to Falador by way of the dirt road between Barbarian Village, Falador. Learning about Giant Spiders at Lumbridge Swamp. Getting killed by the Jail Guard in Draynor. Never knowing the exact location of Port Sarim, and ALWAYS being lost trying to find it. Getting Mind Runes by picking up the spawns in the Lumbridge castle. Finding Chaos Runes from the spawns found in the Wilderness. What else did they do in their "noob" days?

    Personally, I'm not a fan of BXP weekends because these events benefit mainly the people who stockpile vast amounts of supplies to make profit, while causing prices to increase so that you're not saving any money from the bonus XP.

    These events encourage unhealthy gameplay and/or account-sharing, since the XP multiplier doesn't drop below 1x after 10 hours. Summoning receives a bonus on the real gain in XP, despite Summoning spending a significant amount of time training (yes it's is only 1.1x however it's not a big difference after 10 hours).

    I find it offensive that these events were created to make money, when the majority of people would have cancelled their membership in their schools. However, I don't know what you'll do with your bonus XP. I'm likely to runecraft in order to old school runescape buy gold fulfill the Karamja diary requirement.