RuneScape - There were many people back

  • Until I discovered RS, I'd never heard the term "tinderbox". I had no idea ( and OSRS gold I was surprised to learn later like you!) Iron, just like in game was a volatile resource. Similar to you..about the steel...RS was my very first (and remains my sole) mmorpg. It was the place where I learned a lot of my modern day slang. Now I am a master of "rofl", and "lol", and "noobs" that you refer to.

    Additional thoughts: It taught me that your first friends will become your lifelong friends even after you leave the RS. Sadly, most of my friends from RS have moved on, but there are two people I still talk to via Skype every day. Even though they do not play with each other, they stay in contact and love talking to each other. Don't make the same mistake I did and don't ever speak to your high school friends again. I guarantee you'll feel much better after finding them on facebook.

    I believe someone else has said this, but it does show the concept that life is all about routine. You have to do the same thing every day in your job. My work is 75. How do you feel? You're just a jiggly!

    I do agree with the other comment that was made about online gaming and parents. My parents (even when I was in high school) didn't like me gaming all that much and they haven't changed their minds. It's something I've attempted to "hidethroughout the years although I'm sure my mom is aware. However, it's my dad who tries hard to cut into the game.

    Over the years, the RS community...has well...changed a lot. There were many people back then who would chat with you in times of need and offer great tips. We are like.. and as disappointing as it may sound it's actually an alternative "World of Warcraft", solely because of the age limitations that most people have. Used to, there would be several adults compared to cheap RuneScape gold teenagers. Nowadays's almost all teenagers. This doesn't mean that you won't see an occasional adult bird.