RuneScape - The only thing I enjoy about PvP

  • For me, the simple reason is that I don't like the loss of old school rs gold items that I've spent many days or weeks working for. I've been trying to get the Chaos Elemental pet drop (while farming Elite Clues) and I'm risking about 6k worth of material. If someone wants to PK me or do something similar to, I just let them drop me, because I know I'm in the middle of a small risk.

    Another problem is that my account wasn't made for PvP. I'm currently 136 combat with three combat-based 99s. The three areas of my strength are Defense, Magic, and Constitution. My skill stats are all above 70, with the majority of them in the 80's. But, I'm missing nothing 90+ except 99 Fletching, which does not aid me in PvP.

    Within a matter of steps, I can be attacked by anyone who has a full 99 combat stats. This includes maxed players with an arsenal of overloads, rocktails, other classes of armor/weapon, and a yak full of rocktails. Maybe I could be a mage in a match, but once the other person is able to benefit from weapons and potions, I'm a tad outnumbered.

    It's not a problem however, I'm not averse to it. Although I could make my account more competitive if I could find the time, I don’t think I'd make a profit. If I'm fortunate, some drygores could be my reward for PKing someone.

    Let's say I spot someone skulled and strike them with my prayer. Then, this is what happens. I don't have the chaining ability, so they will likely outdo me in that space. I'd rather have a few friends sit down at KK and beat it 30 times each in about 90 minutes. Then, I'll grab my drygore. The only thing I enjoy about PvP is the excitement of it, but I get enough of that in PvM that I don't feel like I'm missing out on it. This is a fantastic question. I'd like to buy OSRS gold hear other answers.