I've been out of Runescape for a good year

  • I was wondering how to earn fast cash in my F2P world. I'm stuck with OSRS GP the idea of making 500plus pastry doughs.it is possible to earn 500k+ .but the reality is that it takes me two hours for me to complete it. Can u guys plz share an idea? Statistics at the bottom.

    Basically I've been out of Runescape for a good year, maybe a little longer, but I was in every now and then. I'm now returning full-time and have activated my membership again and am hoping to continue where I have left off (getting access to My quest cape). Recently, I've been bored of learning various skills in order to be able to wear my quest cape for the first time and have decided that I'd like to get some combat-training.

    I'd love to know more about increasing att, def and str from 98 to 99, but also range and maybe magic. I'm in need of advice about the right equipment, method and training locations. Recently I've been taking part in the mage training arena for magic although it seems very slow, the amount of money that could be earned is a big draw.

    Range I really have no idea of, back when I had a full-time job, I used to be in a position to buy unlimited bone bolts . However, now that's limitless at 300 per day in the shop that isn't ideal. In terms of att/def/str I've trained at giants of moss because they don't need food and the large bones are a nice bonus to praying. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful. My username on rs is the same as my username on this forum.

    If you see an gd in the process of performing gd, you can drop ggs in the gd which you've just discovered. If you find an entrance with a key, you should check to see if anyone has the key and, if not, you can lock the door. Well, with 0 pray you do not want to get into strong keys or gd's doors that only have mages in them, thus you'll have to OSRS buy gold wait until the team arrives.