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  • If a bandit says words that are in the above paragraph, all you have to OSRS gold do is to attempt another knockout. Since the time between a message and an attack is very limited, a second knockout is required right before the announcement. If you manage to incapacitate your opponent, you must use the pickpocket twice as soon as possible. Repeat this to gain experience.

    Animal Magnetism – Ava's Device It is a must-have for anyone who shoots at range. Allows users to not waste ammunition while shooting. Shilo Village - Access to the village that houses precious rocks (great as a way to increase the level of mining and money making) and the NPC Duradel which is late game Slayer master.

    Gnome quest series Gnome quest series Spirit tree transportation system Players can access fast transportation to various destinations like Grand Exchange. Troll Stronghold - God Wars dungeon - Very important dungeon with bosses that will give you a good revenue.

    Desert Treasure - Located south of Lumbridge in Al Kharid. Unlocks Ancient Spellbook which gives access to blood, ice smoke and shadow spells. These are extremely beneficial in a variety of situations , but most importantly they permit the players to explode which is among the fastest methods to achieve 99 Magic.

    Lunar Diplomacy Lunar Spellbook - Some useful spells to use in all situations , from PvP to normal day tasks to questing. Dream Mentor Additional spells to Lunar Spellbook - not necessary but quite useful. Kings Ransom - Chivalry and Piety prayers which give bonuses to OSRS Membership three specific statistics: Defence Strength, Attack and Defence.