RuneScape - Ideal gear would be Nex armours and chaotics

  • Is it worth it selling DFS in exchange for Claws? I got spare money in my kingdom (like 4M in there ATM) so OSRS GP any other shield besides DFS/Ely/Divine/Chaotic? My inven will include five brews and super attack, super strength and then like three super restores and one prayer potion, with the remaining rocktails. I own a tortoise and I'll fill with rocktails. Do you think that's enough for ~2/3 solo kills? With AGS and the original post equipment I killed 2 in a single session (including minions).

    Most effective way is cannon/steel titan/frem boots 4. The order you take them down depends on whether you wish the tanking of Supreme and not. It is the quickest way to switch between Rex and Supreme on a 2k universe using cannons. You can also range Prime in the event that you have chance to do so while Rex or Supreme will be dead. and if they are not, let your cannon (and/or titan) take out Prime. Titan can be very accurate on Supreme but not so much on Rex. Prime is very weak to titan however not as much as Supreme.

    Ideal gear would be Nex armours and chaotics, surgebox and arc stream when maging for the increased damage and Divine/Elysian/Chaotic/Drag defender for Supreme, depending on whether you're comfortable flashing soul split while Prime is on you or not.

    The majority of cannonballs are likely to end up in Spinolyps which is why many people choose not to utilize a cannon, but it can speed things up significantly. It will occasionally damage Rex and Supreme also.

    If you're not planning to tank Supreme, don't bring the cannon (or should you bring one ensure that you place your kills and kills perfectly so that it hits Prime or Rex (or Prime dies before Supreme starts spawning and vice reverse)) and then, after the first kill, to tank all three (or simply Prime/Supreme when Rex doesn't spot you) while praying for OSRS buy gold mage or turmoil.