Even even if Lost Ark offered a wider variety of clothes

  • Technically, this is progress however it's odd to require people dressed as women to Lost Ark Gold go around mostly in bare-skinny clothes and with heels.

    To be precise: I'm not a problem with those who prefer short-shorts or high heels. Whatever you like and makes you feel comfortable I'm all for it. And I think video games should offer options for people who want to wear revealing clothing or even high heels. However, it's frustrating that we'll must remind game developers as well as publishers of the fact that female gamers might like to choose their appearance.

    (Quick an aside): I also want to clarify that if you think that shorts and heels are cool, cute, or cool, I'm not here to prove you wrong or say that your opinion isn't good. I'm simply looking for options for many more people! Imagine the reverse. Imagine if none of the clothing was revealing or sexually explicit. You'd probably be dissatisfied! This is how many people are feeling today after loading onto Lost Ark.)

    Even even if Lost Ark offered a wider variety of clothes and armor for women, it won't solve the other major issue for women: all the hyper-exaggerated, fan-service-y animations. The women are in Lost Ark have hips that move side-to-side with such speed it's like they have been ripped out of a Source Filmmaker project from a decade ago. Social media is where you'll see many women who have expressed their displeasure at how awful the female characters of Lost Ark appear, particularly when zoomed down.

    The majority of quests found in Lost Ark are straightforward to progress through and complete, though some are easier to complete faster than other quests. However, some quests provide confusing or Cheap Lost Ark Gold unreliable instructions.