The former is the external representation of the character

  •  The appearance, speech and behavior are more closely related to social performers. The former is the external representation of the character, and the latter is the reflection of the inner quality of the character. Service personnel such as hotels and restaurants must avoid mixing up the two performances. In order for the characters to perform well, it is necessary to realize the cooperation between the characters, otherwise the mistake of a certain character may lead to the failure of the whole performance.

    The role failed. Also known as the character collapse. Spider Man Costume   This is one of the most serious role disorders. It is a phenomenon in which the role bearer has been proved to be unable to continue to assume or perform the rights and obligations of the role, and has to withdraw from the stage halfway through and give up the original role.  Champion of Cosplay  A repurchase agreement (RP) refers to a standard contract in which a party of the counterparty, when selling financial assets to the other party, promises to buy back the sold financial assets at a fixed price at a certain time in the future.