Through this face-to-face approach

  • This is an ancient and enduring entertainment. We used "play house", "house wine", "police to catch bandits", "play war", "table role-playing game", "running Group" and so on call it. In this type of activity, all participants will reach a consensus: What are we going to do? How to do it? (Determine common expectations and rules.) Each member will have an identity and role to communicate and interact.Spiderman Costume    Dan Cattell is an artist with a passion for making 2D sprites into 3D, wearable cosplays, by cutting out each individual part and slapping them onto cardboard shapes strapped to his arms and legs. Laughter, debate, command, execution...Cosplay Costume    Through this face-to-face approach, members communicate and interact, innovate and create, and enhance feelings. The identities of the members in the activities are divided into two types: actors and moderators.