Buy Rocket League Items mention the game itself

  • Want a tangible signal of your devotion to Rocket League, but would rather not drop $a hundred and eighty Rocket League Items on an RC car kit or maybe numerous dollars on a Pull-Back Racer? Don't fear, you may purchase something along with your pocket exchange.

    Hot Wheels is launching its first Rocket League die-forged automobile, the Octane, later in December for a totally modest $1.09. You can not clearly installation miniature fits while handiest the blue can be to be had at the beginning (orange would not show up until 2019), but this have to will let you race Rocket League-fashion on Hot Wheels tracks.

    The initial automobile could be available within the Americas, Asia and Europe at retailers that consist of Walmart, Target, Canadian Tire and Tesco. It's probable arriving too past due for a stocking stuffer, sadly. At this, price, even though, it's one of the maximum low-priced pieces of online game memorabilia you could locate -- it is less highly-priced than a lot of Rocket League's add-ons, not to Buy Rocket League Items mention the game itself.