Tips for Climbing Ranks in Rocket League


    There are few games that match the high octane thrills found in a Rocket League online ranked matches. The E-Sports giant is one of the premier online experiences for those looking for a competitive team-based game. The racing soccer hybrid offers a huge skill-based online experience where the best players are rewarded for technical skill and game knowledge. For those who are new to Rocket League, or veteran players who cant hit their stride, climbing the ranks can be a difficult and demoralizing feat.

    This guide will provide a few tips and tricks to help players climb the ranks of Rocket League. It will provide some general gameplay tips alongside some overall ideas that can improve aspects of your gameplay. Whether you are a new or seasoned player, there are always ways to hone your Rocket League skills.

    Playing 1v1 In Rocket League

    One of the best game modes to learn and develop skills, 1v1 games are essential to developing a strong foundation. The reason 1v1s are so important for developing player skills is the lack of support found in the game mode. Without teammates, players must quickly learn and adapt some key game sense.

    One benefit of playing 1v1s is that it helps players learn strong defense. Without the help of teammates, 1v1 allows players to learn some key defensive gameplay tactics. One is the ability to quickly and efficiently learn how to read an opponent. Since the focus is narrowed to one enemy this can develop an ability to read and focus defensive awareness. It forces the ability to adapt to a particular player's style quickly and smoothly during the course of a match.

    1v1 game mode also develops a strong solo offensive ability. It will work on your ability to control the ball without the help of teammates alongside the necessity for creative and solid offensive maneuvers.

    Practicing With Warm-Up Matches In Rocket League

    Another concept to include in one's Rocket League routine is the inclusion of a period of warm-up matches. As mentioned Rocket League is a huge skill-based game, and a period of games to adjust to its fast pace is essential for success. The last thing a player wants is to have to start a match cold and be a liability for their teammates.

    The best way to warm up before a series of ranked matches would be engaging in some unranked matches of your choosing. This way you are adjusted to the speed of your particular ranked game mode, and your technical skills are fully warmed up.

    Rotate Well And Consistently In Rocket League

    A key element to progressing the ranks of Rocket League is to get an idea of how to rotate with your teammates during a match. Effectively, rotation is the ability to switch roles with your teammate as needed. A good example of this concept is the ability to switch from offense to defense, or vice-versa, launching an attack.

    To really adopt this concept into your game plan, one needs to be comfortable playing all roles in Rocket League. If you are a solid defensive player and a poor attacker, you will not be able to rotate correctly. So the ability to play all positions, at least on an average level, is key to solid wins.

    To implement rotation into your skillset, a player must not get caught "ball chasing" mindlessly. As the name implies, just chasing after the ball with no sense of purpose is just as bad as leaving a goal unattended. Players who ball chase are not contributing to the success of the team, and could even cost their team the victory.

    Watch High-Level Play In Rocket League

    A solid way to develop your Rocket League ability is by consuming high-level Rocket League content. This may seem counterproductive to watch, rather than, play the game, but the consumption of pro or skilled player's content may offer ways to improve.

    One of the most common improvements that high-level players offer is their ability to work and rotate as a team. This comes through both communication and general game knowledge. This knowledge is created by playing countless hours of the game, or by watching and studying those who have played such a large amount of hours.

    Watching skilled players also allows for aspiring players to discover new maneuvers or defensive tactics they may not have thought of before. This same concept could be disheartening for some but it is possible to mirror the actions of these players. This could cause jumps in quality for such players who practice and mirror these skilled players.

    Practice In Rocket League

    This is by far the most important way to improve in Rocket League. All the prior mentioned tips and tricks are reliant upon a player's practice and training. However, practice comes in a variety of different mediums and all should be implemented in a player's regiment.

    To improve on offensive play the best practice is the custom training mode. This allows for players to drill and learn a variety of different offensive moments and skills. Although not all of the drills practiced in this mode are applicable to an average match, it will surely increase the skills of players who make use of the mode.

    Practicing controlling the ball is an important skill to refine to find ranked success. A player's ability to control the ball could be what separates an average player from an elite one and is a facet of training that should not be neglected.

    The basic car movement is the most important ability to train. Without a strong knowledge of how to control your respected car, it is impossible to improve one's game. So simply learning and being comfortable with the movement mechanics of the game is a must for ranked success.

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