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P2P-Earns money usually faster

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    September 29, 2021
    Do you believe that free players who attain skills as pure f2p's should get OSRS gold more attention than those who achieved the same skillcape in a shorter period of time? (Note that this is only for skills that both members and f2p's have access to, to compare otherwise is a bit silly. Free players must pay 6 dollars for their skillscape. What do I mean by Pf2p is someone that has already achieved a 99 as a pf2p but just pays 6 bucks and does not train for the skill in any way to purchase the skillcape NOT someone that waits till he's 90 and switches to member for faster leveling.)

    It is crucial to keep in mind that there are always people who wish to downplay other peoples achievements by labeling them 'nolifers or "nerds."

    But, it is common to argue that those skills that require more money (like cooking or fire-making) are also used by members. Members are more likely to earn the money to purchase the necessary materials needed to master that skill. According to some, members earn more money and have less time to spend, assuming that time is approximately equal to the amount of money. It can be a bit tricky since there are multiple alternatives. To make it clear the issue, I'll outline each side's points.

    P2P-Earns money usually faster. P2P earns money more quickly than pf2ps. You will get green drags, different abilities such as slayer, as as more money to buy merch with. They have faster training methods. Burying big bones is peanuts compared to gilded altars. Thus able to attain a 99 on abilities that make money more than other skills

    PF2P-Earns more money slowly. The fastest method (shorter than merching), would likely be mining rune rock, which is very slow and potentially risky. Or, cutting stuff (be they yews soldiers or cockroach troops). An hourly basis, a person who is PF2P earns less if they do the most efficient money-making strategies than the P2P.

    The availability of slower training methods is generally more common. Certain members train at f2p locations like SoS Red spiders (or Cockroach Soldiers), which reduces their speed, but places them on buy RS gold the same level with Pf2ps. However, in general, 99+ players head directly to members as they have more experience than free players.