New World Outpost Rush Guide

  • In New World, Outpost Rush is a 20 vs. 20 battle set in a primordial river basin filled with forgotten ancient technologies and hidden sources of Azoth. Players and their team will vie for control of strongholds and strategic resources, requiring combat prowess and collective wits to win. However, as New World attracts new players, some might have no idea about Outpost Rush. Below, fans can find out exactly all information about Outpost Rush game mode in New World.

    Before a player thinks about joining an Outpost Rush, the biggest requirement is they need to be level 60. This is considered the level where players enter the “endgame,” and Outpost Rush is now a part of that. This level cap is to ensure higher leveled players have some competition around their gear level.

    You can play this mode by yourself or with up to five other people. After queuing at an Outpost Rush NPC in a settlement, you’ll be teleported to a different island called Nauthynos, where the event will begin. They’ll be fighting for control of three small outposts: Outpost Luna, Outpost Sol, and Outpost Astra.

    The goal is to capture the outposts. Each outpost has gates that can be upgraded, protection wards that can be made using resources, weapons such as repeater turrets and vats of oil, and command posts. Gameplay includes building cannons, summoning circles, and collecting azoth essence to get rewards.

    There are also some additional objectives in this game mode. You can defeat Baroness Hain to receive a health regeneration buff for your entire team or spend resources in order to build Turret Emplacements. Players can also participate in taking on Corrupted Portals and defeating enemies there. It will gain you Azoth Essence and spending 500 of that essence will allow you to spawn Corrupted enemies.

    The first team to reach 1000 points wins. You can gain points by capturing and holding onto these forts, similar to Battlefield’s Conquest mode, or just by killing your enemies. Finally, players will earn Azoth, New World Coin, and an Outpost Rush Crate for their efforts.

    Simply put, Outpost Rush is a smaller-scale PvP mode in New World that lets players take a breather from the faction war. For more articles and guides on the New World, feel free to visit here!